Monday, August 4, 2008

Disecting An Octopus

In case you're interested.
Ugh. I'll post some commentary or something when I'm not dead tired at 4:00 am.
Update: Alright, here we go. You've seen the sketch already but I posted it here for continuity.
I fixed some things when I traced out the lines. Then I threw up a middle grey to work against and put down a base colour for her.
Marking out the underside of the arms where the suckers will go and adding a bit of texture.
Adding her markings. They're kind of like freckles... Thats what I called them anyways.
The very important step of adding suckers. I actually added them in two layers, one underneath. Then I duplicated the line and used parts of it to make sure everything overlapped properly.
More shadow, and some highlights.
Here is a layer of detail on the face, plus I changed the colour of the lines bacause I thought the black was too harsh. I think the eyes look a lot better now.
The "background", which is actually several layers behind her and a few in front as well. This is the finished product.
Greyscale. I referenced this, plus a version showing only hue and one with only saturation. I was fair to middling satisfied with them by the time I was finished.
I don't know if anyone cares, but this is my setup.
And here are all the layers in the final version.

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macaronni said...

That's ALOT of layers :O

I can barely get through 5! :(

Great tutorial. It's amazing how a different line color can change the whole feeling.