Saturday, August 2, 2008

Finished Octopus...?

Well here it is at last. After all the time spent on it, I can't tell if it was worth it. The drawing itself conveys nothing beyond a vague "octopuses are neat", and I wonder if I should have resolved some things or perhaps unresolved them. Also the colour job seems rather lacklustre despite a file size resulting in a five minute save time. Not to mention that there is a very large part of me that wants to know exactly where her gills are, and the two extra hearts dedicated to pumping her blue blood through them. I am somewhat certain that behind the arms on her head there is a gigantic brain, which she needs to co-ordinate her 18 arms, even with the heavy nerve cord in each of them (except the two human ones). Most likely she has trouble knowing where they all are by feel, and must rely on sight to keep track of them. But there are things I like. After all, octopuses are neat.I opened this image and the sketch in different tabs and enjoyed flipping between them. I have decided that the coloured version at the very least did not make it worse. If I were very ambitious I would post a greyscale version, or even a few showing the layers...

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